Bendi-Buddies Kids Yoga Ages 4-8 years

 $10 drop-in   


Please tell yours friends with Kids and Grandkids about this wonderful class for our kids... we can't build this without you!


Welcome and thank you for visiting us!

We are an Iyengar Yoga and Chen Style Tai Chi studio offering daily classes... in beautiful Downtown Old Norcross. Including a weekly Qigong class, Kids Yoga Classes, Scheduled Workshops and Focus Classes.

We have an interesting and busy New Year 2015 ahead of us!

If you have any questions after browsing the site, please don't hesitate to contact us!

"The Light that Yoga sheds on Life is something special.

It does not just change the way we see things...

It Transforms the Person that sees".  B.K.S Iyengar

Mary Obendorfer & Eddy Marks Yoga Workshop

Will be back March 20 - 23/2015 and  August 21 - 14/2015

Mark your calendars now for both of these events!

Francois Raoult Yoga Workshop

October 10/17 & 18 2015

Saturday, 12/20 9:30am-10:30am

All Levels Restorative

Holiday Schedule... PLEASE NOTE!
The Studio will be closed on 12/24, 25, 26, and 1/1/15

TaiJi will not meet on dates below;
Tai Chi(advanced) Sunday 12/28 10:00 AM
Tai Chi Monday 12/29 7:30 PM
Tai Chi Wednesday 12/30 7:00 PM

Holiday Yoga Class Drop-in Schedule 2014

Drop-in $15

Saturday 12/27 10 am All Level Restorative

Monday 12/29 6 pm All Level Restorative

Tuesday 12/30 10 am Yoga Flow

Wednesday 12/31 10 am All Level Restorative

Thursday 1/1/15 HAPPY NEW YEAR! We are closed...

Friday 1/2 10 am Yoga Flow

Saturday 1/3 10 am 50/50 active/restorative All Levels!

January 1/5-1/31 2015 All Yoga & Tai-Chi Classes - Drop-in $8     

(Check schedule page for class times)

January, 2015 Introducing...

Monday and Wednesday Lunchtime Flow Yoga with

Marsha and Sandi