Thursday's 6pm

Studio Students $10...  Drop-in Guests $16

This class is about self-care, winding down, un-doing and relaxing. It is for everyone and anyone that wants to be instrumental in their own health and well being. 

In our Fascia Freedom classes we use a variety and range of Therapy Balls that will provide your soft tissues with simple and effective self Myofascial release. Improving mobility, preventing injuries and easing muscular tightness and pain. 

Breathe and relax as you learn to traverse multiple layers of your muscular, myofascial and connective tissue. You will leave this class feeling rested and restored. 

A much needed class/practice for athletes of all disciplines as well as ‘desk riders’, tight and tired bi-peds or anyone who wishes to develop a better posture and feel healthier! 

All levels welcome and no yoga experience necessary. If you have Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Balls, bring them with you if not you may use ours or purchase your own. 

Fascia is internal connective tissue that wraps around muscles and organs, providing support and holding parts together. It has the appearance of a very thin spider web, connecting layers of muscle and surrounding all internal body tissues. 


Tuesday's 5:30-6:15 

Studio Students $5...  Drop-in Guests $10

Our goal in this class will be to cultivate an awareness of our core muscles and how they function in our Yoga practice and Ball Rolling as well as our daily activities.

We will initiate an internal dialogue between our mind and our core that will enable us to establish a structural foundation. We provide challange for core strength while protecting the important pelvic floor muscles and the neck.

The exercises we do will be slow-paced, mindful and will produce terrific results with regularity.