Yoga Class Descriptions

Level 1 (Beginners)... The fundamentals of Iyengar Yoga, the focus is on basic alignment . Standing poses are the foundation!

All Levels... A multi level general class. A minimum of 6 months Iyengar Yoga experience.

All & Restore... A class with 60 minutes of active poses and 30 minutes of restorative. Beginners are welcome after a 3 month study of Iyengar Yoga fundamentals.

Level 2... A deepening study of Iyengar Yoga. At this level backbends and inversions are introduced. Minimum experience 12 months. No beginners please.

Steve's Level 2/3... One year of regular class attendance and a home practice required.

Functional Core... A mindful and deliberate strengthening of the body's core muscles.

Fascia Freedom Body Rolling... A practice using a variety of therapy balls to provide deep tissue massage easing muscular tightness and pain.

Private Classes

ALL Private classes are discussed and scheduled between the teacher, student and the studio owner prior to setting appointments. Cost ranges from $60-$100.

A Few of the Health Benefits of Yoga

Increased musculoskeletal (can increase bone density) strength, flexibility, balance and endurance. 

Increased range of motion for all major joints.

​Improved posture and nervous system equilibrium.

Reduction of stress, anxiety, depression relief. 

Improves mood and sleep. 

Relief from chronic neck and back pain. 

Pain in general decreases. 

Immunity and lung capacity increases.

Improved cognitive/brain function, concentration and attention improves. 

Lowered risk of heart disease. 

Lowered blood pressure.

Can lower Blood Sugar levels.
Weight normalizes 

“The Light that Yoga sheds on Life is something special. It does not just change the way we see things... It Transforms the Person that sees”. B.K.S Iyengar