This fabulous student Alison is practicing Uttitha Parsvottanasana...

the pregnant version!

Above is Ursula supporting the top of her shoulder blades and protecting her shoulder joints while taking supine Urdhva Hastasana!

Tim's another one of our serious students working on his hips and shoulders...

  • Two folded blankets under hips
  • Dog optional!

What are you doing in your home practice? 

One of our dedicated students, Susie doing a little practice before class. When I inquired into the block and the blanket as this is generally done on the floor, she said, "This just feels really good on my low back."

So what is she doing and how? Supta Pandangusthasana 1 -  Hand holding the big toe pose.

  • Two blankets under shoulders
  • A brick placed under hips

This page is dedicated to our Yoga and Taiji (Tai-Chi) students. It is a place to share ideas, practice tips, information and experiences... kinda like a FaceBook page that actually cares about what you did today! 

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